CRF250L Emperor Racing Skid Plate and Radiator Guard Install

CRF250L Skid Plate


Emperor Racing makes some very nice products. I recently picked up the Emperor racing skid plate and Rad guard for my CRF250L. The build quality and design is outstanding. It is a amazing what they can do with laser/water etching these days!  Not only is the skid plate aesthetically pleasing.. its made out of  3/16th thick aluminium making it one of the strongest I have seen for the CRF250L to date. The Emperor skid plate weights in at about 3 lbs which is not bad considering how much metal is there protecting your engine.  The radiator guard is made out of 1/8″ aluminum and provides a strong cage to protect your rad from rocks/branches. The only real way it could see it getting damaged is if you some how rolled backwards into a sharp thick stick (very unlikely) .   The install was pretty quick and easy, my only real issue was getting the top bar into the space between my engine and the frame, however this was solved with a few good smacks of the hammer.  The Radiator guard was very simple to install and only required removing a few screws and the stock plastic rad guard. The new aluminium radiator guard uses all of the stock mounting location with the addition of a re-enforced bracket for extra strength.  Check out the video below to see how easy it is to install your own!




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  1. I recently added the very same Tusk 30mm Handle bar risers as well, and have to say I too am very happy with the result. Easy to get on, just as the YouTube video shows…except for the lock tight applied to the red seat…lol. I was unsure about ordering the risers for only $20, when so many others are at least double that price, and higher. But it is very nice product, and I love the fact that I can spend “less money” to get my CRF250L modified. I also ordered the tusk hand guard bars and tusk wind deflectors…All from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Very happy with the results! I am not that tall 5’10, but standing on the bike before the risers was not at all comfortable or conducive to safe riding while standing. Pictures under calan818 on the above link.

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