Tusk 30mm Handle Bar riser install – CRF250L

IF you are a taller rider and go off road you will want to get your self some handle bar risers. The stock bar height is fine for on road but as soon as you get into the tricky stuff and stand up on the bike the stock bars force you to bend forward rather than stinging in a comfterable riding position.  I ordered my self a set of TUSK 30mm 7/8″ bar risers for a whopping $20.  I must say it was $20 well spent.  The install was very easy.

Unclip the wire holders, unbolt the 4 bolts on top of the handle bar, insert your risers (add some lock tight blue) and install the new screws… simple quick and a very nice upgrade!.

Before Bar riser


After Br Riser



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