CRF250L EJK Install and Review

After debating buy an EJK (electronic Jet Kit) I decided to take the plunge and add a little more performance to my 2014 CRF250L. When you buy the EJK it comes pre-programmed for a stage 1 kit which consists of headers, exhaust and air box mods.  Street riders tend to open up the side of their air box and insert little mini holes/filters. Since I love going off road and getting wet and muddy..this wasn’t an option. To open my air box up I took out the stock snorkel and used a 2″ flexile plumbing fixture.  My exhaust is still stock as I find it nice to ride with out going deaf.. Plus its nice to explore random areas with out drawing extra attention!.  Opening up the air box made the bike sounds pretty mean.. the extra fuel with bigger hole give the bike a nice throaty sound. I love it. the EJK is easy to install and give you instance tune ability.  With the push of a button you can change your fuel mapping to tweak your performance for your current or future setup.

How do i like it?  
I was hesitant on if it was worth buying the fuel controller with out the exhaust..I wasn’t sure if i would get much benefit.. but I was wrong.. I love it! (well that along with my other mods). If it was a bone stock bike i would probably pass. but if you don’t mind opening up your air box (and i would recommend a 13T front gear) you will be a happy camper.  The EJk  allows your to increase fuel for cruise, accelerate and wide open throttle. I bumped up the cries to a moderate 1.5, accelerate to 2 and 2.5 for WOT. This modest boost was all the bike need to “wake up” and give you that get up and go. I no longer feel any gaps in the power band and the bike always wants more with every millimetre of throttle turn.  Don’t expect a night and day difference but it is certainly noticeable and that smile that the bike seems to put on your face will grow just that much bigger.

PS. I LOVE the sounds of that throaty mean sounds as the bike sucks in air to burn up that extra fuel i’m now feeding it.. Happy bike .. Happy Rider!


Installing the EJK is a pretty simple process and only takes about 20 minutes.

Start off by removing your seat by undoing the two rear bolts.


Unscrew the left hand side panel (1 bolt at the bottom) top sides are held in with clips.


Loosen the wire holders and run your wires  along the stock wire bundle until you reach the engine area



Unplug the grey stock connector located at the top rear of the engine



Plug the stock connector into the EJK and the pig tail to to the stock location


Install the ground wire onto your batteries negative terminal


Program your EJK
press Mode,
Green light – cruise
Yellow Light – Accelerate
Red light – Full Throttle.

Press mode until the desired colour light flashes then use the +/- keys to adjust the value.  If a just 3 flahes then that is your setting. If it was 3.5 then both 3/4 would light up.
For my bike with stock exhaust and a modded air box i used Green 1.5   Yellow 2  Red 2.5


Once you get your ejk installed you will likely want to mod your airbox for more flow


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  1. Finally! Someone going thru the steps retuning the EJK. Now everything is very clear. Gonna try your settings.

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