CRF250L Air Box Mods

If you have an aftermarket exhaust or an EJK you will want to mod your airbox to increase airflow into your engine . Moding the airbox is pretty easy and you really have two different options. Street riders tend to put holes in the side of the airbox and generally add little filters. This works great if you are on road only but if you use your CRF off-road and like to get wet and dirty I would advise against this method.  I chose to increase the size of my snorkel to keep the bike decently water resistant.  I upgrade the tiny stock snorkel using a 2″ flexible plumbing fixture which increase the intake by about 60%.  Note, I would not advise you do this mod unless you have the EJK fuel controller installed. You will need to add more fuel to balance out the increased air flow 🙂

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