CRF250L GOPRO Ride with BlastsFromTheSaddle

Last week I meet up with John,  a fellow CRF250 owner. John and made plans to go for a ride around chute lake and find a little lake.  We ended up doing a few little hill climbs and some rocky technical climbs. Lately i have felt a little more adventurous and have a think for taking photos of the bike in funky spots.. it can be a little interesting to get out of them.. but it makes for a good shot! We stumbled across some down hill mountain bike trails.. i was tempted to ride the bike down them but I wasn’t to sure if it would handle the extra 320lbs of weight of the CRF250L!  .. maybe one day!  Enjoy the clips from my ride with BlastFromTheSaddle.


crf250l-bike-on-ramp bikes-downhill-ramp-honda-crf250l downhill-bike-ramp okangaan Mountain pond Honda CRF250L Rock Crawl CRF250L Rock CRF Rock Climb

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