Epic Quest for little white: CRF250L and KTM Enduro 690

Last week the Honda CRF250L and the KEM Enduro 690 embarked on an epic quest to make it the top of little white. This has been tried numerous times before and eded up in dead ends deactivated trails, and sketchy goat trails that could only be done by foot. Today was the day that we were going to make it to the top.  We spent a good hours scouring google earth trying to find any possible point that may connect with the old trail.  I plugged in my Garmin GPSmap 62s, plotted some potential points in base camp and loaded up the hit list of potential routs.   our ride started off fairly peacefully and we made our way up to the snowmobile cabin to begin exploring out new areas.

There first look at the decommissioned little white trail was a little discouraging as the excessive windfall made the trail impossible to ride. I checked the GPS and saw a point that looked to be on the other side of this madness and rode on to find it… this trail was still over grown but rideable (good thing we brought a saw!). After about 20 minutes of bushwhacking we ended up at another fallen tree ridden dead end.

Little White trail overgrown little-white-trail-overgrownThe ned trail led up to one of the neighbouring mountings, the ride was a little rough with a few falls but had a very cool view, (and ironically showed exactly where we came from and where the blocked trail would have connected! I good perspective as we push forward to the next marker on the hitlist.


The next part of the route took us to on elf those fields below,  the treed in section in the on the edge of our clearcut is  our bushwacking trail ended due to to many fallen trees. We rode back down to the next clearcut where our trail would have came out and pushed forward through mud pits and old trail until we found the victorious trail head.. free of fallen trees!


As we rode the excitement grew as the infamous cliff face of little white started to appear in the horizon.  we pulled over to snap another shot of our future conquest

little-white-cliff   little-white CRF250L-mountain-peaklittle-white-rockface



The last leg of the trail was very nasty and full of big holders and loose rocks… riding them for any period of time is very tiring. by the time we got to the first peak we were done for.. A little break was in order to regain some energy and ride the list little bit to complete the victory! If you haven’t already be sure to check out he video above and enjoy the photos!

enjoying the view

view-top-little-white-cliff-kelowna view-top-little-white-kelowna


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