CRFAdventure: Raspberry Hill – hill climb – wheelies

Today we decided to tackle the infamous raspberry hill. now one would think raspberry hill is a peaceful hill side full of tasty snacks.. but that is only the reward if you make it up! Raspberyhill is a very steep hill full of loose rocks and dirt.. this hill can be very tricky as its hard to gain traction.. and if you stop or wipeout.. its nasty to get going on. Despite bailing twice the CRF eventually made it up. (sadly no raspberries ready were ready for snacking). On the way up we found a nice soft dirt/sandy area to play in. The 250L does pretty well as long as you have momentum.. if you loose momentum you tend to sink and just dig yourself a hole. (likely due to the skinnier tires.. .well for me as i used to have a TW200 with huge fat tires, she just floated over sand!)

CRF250L Wheelies

Lately I have been trying to learn to do wheelies. I think they would be useful for technical terrain and making it over large obstacles… Power wheelies are easy.. clutch wheelies are a whole new beast… If you do want to learn i suggest you find a nice grassy field.. doing them up-hill is al title bit easier. Use you right foot to cover the brake as this is what will drop you back down. Start with a lower rpm and pop the clutch, if you don’t lift up, tray again with a little more throttle until you find the sweet spot to pop it up.. If you are going to learn… do it at your own risk and be safe!

View from the top

The top of the hill had a spectacular view from of the Okanagan valley. We found a radio tower with a bunch of antennas and solar panels on the side which was kinda neat.. minus the excessive radiation warnings. (free birth control?)
All in all an awesome day/ride with the boys!

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