CRF250L Adventure: Muddy Logging road Mayhem

Last week the CRF250 and the boys went on a day trip to myra-bellview in kelowna. The day started out fairly tame until we started venturing into some not so friendly ‘roads’. As perusal the little CRF had a few wipe outs (if you don’t wipe out.. you are not pushing yourself!).  The poor bike ended up doing a wheelie, sinking into mud and a few good wipe outs and finding giant canyons and tears in the earths  (read more below).. the only downfall of the was a split in my lower radiator hose.. The reservoir was still full but the system would no longer be pressureized. was a slow ride home with pulling over about 8 times to let the engine cool…sadly a week later its still on back order.. CRF Down! – at least it gives me time to edit videos.   With two GOPRO’s rolling and hours of video to edit i decided i would split it up into a few videos as attention spans seem to be short these days.


Tracks from the ride



My CRF250L wheelie and its aftermath… The poor license plate got wrapped around the light for the second time now.


The Myra-Belbiew Bolder-fields
We discovered a hidden Gem of the okanagan.. The Bolderfields.  These amazing fields are what is left of a collapsed giant cavern that was once filled with water way back when kelowna would have been submerged.. once the water line decided the rock cavern couldn’t take the weight and it collapsed to make this amazing field of giant holders.  This would be an excellent place to hike, explore or even rock climb!

Google earth view of the bolder-fields


myra-belview-bolder-canyon myra-belview-bolderfield   myra-belview-canyon myra-belview-cayon-bolders myra-belview-crack-in-earth myra-belview-crackjpg myra-belview-crevasis myra-belview-crf-motorbike myra-belview-crf250l myra-belview-grant   myra-belview-tesselsmyra-belview-motorbike-trail


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