How to clean your motorcycle chain

cleaniing-your-motorcycle-chain With the right tools cleaning your motorcycle chain is a quick and easy process which will extend the life of your chain and sprockets. When a chain is full of dirt and sand  it acts as sand paper and slowly rubs/grinds down between your chain and the sprocket to wear it down quicker. Frequent cleaning your chain should be part of your regular maintenance which will will keep your drivetrain happy for a long time. (and save you money by preventing premature replacement!) What do you need to clean your chain? Well.. a degreaser, a brush and some chain lube.
If your chain is covered in mud, the hose will be your friend otherwise prop your bike up on a stand and get started.

1. Put your bike on a stand, put it in neutral.
2. Spin the back tire as your spray on a degreaser (chain degreaser, wd40, kerosene  all work well)
3. Use a brush to scrub your chain. I recommended the Finish Line Grunge Brush Chain: Gear and Chain Cleaning Tool as it has bristles on all 3 sides to make cleaning quick and easy

4. Use a rag to clean off the dirt but holding it on the back of the sprocket and spinning tire.. or where the chain has slack on the side of the bike.. just take care to keep your fingers aways from anywhere the chain/sprocket meet.
5. Use your favourite chain lube and spray on as you spin the tie.

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