CRF250l Folding Shifter

After replacing a bent shifter on my previous bike I decided to be proactive and replace the crf250l shifter with a folding one. There is a number of aluminum after market ones popping up.. However once bent, aluminum doesn’t really like to bend back and has a tendency to snap and break after a few bends. I opted to go with a steel leaver as it can take years of anise and be bent time and time again!

Now luckily enough honda makes a stock folding leaver for the crf150r that is a direct fit!
The honda part number is 24700-KSE-305

Side by side comparison of stock CRF250L (top) and CRF150R  (bottom)



Stock CRF150R Shifter20140422-185025.jpg


Stock – non folding shifter (i have no idea how folding leavers ar enot a standard feature these days)















Stock CRF150R shifter on my CRF250L.. much better! 🙂

CRF150R shift on CRF250L

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  1. Thank you for this. I am convinced that the shift lever should not only be folding, but easily bendable. I have seen two instances so far of the shaft being broken by a rigid shift lever on the CRF250L. The deep groove in the shaft where the lever set bolt connects, creates a break point in the shaft. Weird design philosophy!

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